"…to the praise of the glory of His grace…" Ephesians 1:6

Update from Mary Behm

Hey Springs Fam!

I miss you all and being there in presence with you all. It was fantastic to see you in January and am greatly encouraged by the challenge of evangelism for the church. For those who are new and I havent met! Hello! My name is Mary and Im a member of Springs of Grace and am currently at Ethnos 360 (formerly known as New Tribes Mission) bible college. I am graduating in May and have had the great desire to bring the gospel overseas to an unreached group of people who haven’t heard of Jesus yet!

As some of you know… Im engaged to Daniel Masci! My bible school crush! He asked me through love letters and a dozen roses in a snow filled forest! I am thrilled to be married to a man who loves and serves the Lord.

We have heavily worked through every book of the bible and are currently in the pastoral epistles and Daniel/Revelation. It has been such a privilege and is so filling to really dive into these books to understand God’s word. Knowing eternal positional truths for the Christian and having a solid understanding of how God has moved through history of mankind has been extraordinary and profitable.

Daniel and I are still discussing on what’s next. So far we decided we need at least one year of foundation to build our marriage. But we will need wisdom in mission prep whether to live in Canada (where he is from) or in the US. We have a time crunch of this month to make big decisions both require one of us to be out of work maybe up to a year since we are from different countries/visas. We want to be where Jesus wants and how we can best know the Lord and serve. Would you pray with us please?!


● The Lord would give us wisdom and ​his​ desires on where to be, either in the US or Canada or wherever else he would lead.

● Understanding of what “body parts” are we as a family are for the church so we can be used and build up the kingdom

● Continued healing and Spiritual rejuvenation for Daniel

● The Lord to continue to expand our faith and trust in him

Thank you all! Love you and see you this summer!!

Feel free to contact me!! 517-945-2732 email: Mbehm581@ethnos360bible.org

Grace and peace to you all! Love, Mary Behm (soon to be Masci)