"…to the praise of the glory of His grace…" Ephesians 1:6

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Sunday, April 8, 2018

TONIGHT | EVENING SERVICE | 6:00 PM Join us again this evening as we worship, fellowship, and pray together! APRIL 13-15 | URBAN MINISTRY CONFERENCE We live in a fallen and sinful world where ministry means confronting sexual brokenness in our own hearts and in the lives of others. Join us as together we pursue…

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Last week I mentioned a term I had recently learned about and gave a very brief simplified summary definition of it. I wanted to elaborate on the issue a little bit. As Christians, we need to evaluate everything by the Word of God and we ought to be willing to acknowledge criticism and evaluate it’s…

Update from Mary Behm

Hey Springs Fam! I miss you all and being there in presence with you all. It was fantastic to see you in January and am greatly encouraged by the challenge of evangelism for the church. For those who are new and I havent met! Hello! My name is Mary and Im a member of Springs…

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