"…to the praise of the glory of His grace…" Ephesians 1:6

The partnership between one hope & springs of grace

Springs of Grace Bible Church founded One Hope Tulsa and One Hope Tulsa is an essential part of how we live out our calling to love our neighbors.One Hope Tulsa and Springs of Grace are separate 501(c) 3s. One Hope Tulsa was founded by Springs of Grace in 2008, and Springs of Grace remains one of One Hope Tulsa’s main donors. Currently, Springs of Grace members provide the primary volunteer source for One Hope Tulsa’s programs. One Hope Tulsa believes that the local church is a place of home and healing for those who have experienced trauma, and that the local church is an essential partner in the work of building resilience and sharing hope in our community. Springs of Grace is an essential partner for One Hope Tulsa, but One Hope Tulsa also partners with other churches, businesses, and nonprofits. 

One of the core values of Springs of Grace Bible Church is an intentional emphasis on ministering the gospel to “the least of these” as an expression of our commitment to live out the law of love and to do good deeds because we have been loved by Jesus. At present, Springs of Grace believes that the work of One Hope Tulsa is one of the primary ways for us to carry out this calling. It is not the only way Springs of Grace does good deeds and demonstrates love, but it is an important and central aspect of doing so for our church. Springs of Grace intends to maintain this relationship with One Hope Tulsa for as long as One Hope Tulsa continues to be a co-laborer in the Gospel. 

The financial relationship between the two entities can be understood in this way: Springs of Grace is an essential donor and supporter of the ministries of One Hope Tulsa because One Hope Tulsa is one of the main ways in which Springs of Grace is carrying out those ministries. Springs of Grace carries out other ministries in other ways by funding them through the church budget (i.e. Mom’s Ministry, Women’s Ministry, Youth Ministry, Spring Kids, etc.). Springs of Grace joins other donors in funding the ministries of One Hope Tulsa as an expression of the church’s commitment to what is being done through One Hope Tulsa. 
One Hope Tulsa collaborates with Springs of Grace and shares ideas, partners, and projects when beneficial, as well as sharing some staff members and leadership. One Hope Tulsa’s financial resources are only used for One Hope Tulsa’s work. One Hope and Springs of Grace also share theological perspectives that influence One Hope’s approach.