"…to the praise of the glory of His grace…" Ephesians 1:6

Today’s Prayer helps

Join us in praying for the different ministries at Springs of Grace from 6:30-7:30 am at church auditorium or throughout the day. Consider getting together with others to pray. 

Pray for Sunday Morning Bible Study time – for workers, faithful attendance, ministry to one another through the classes

Pray for worship services of Springs of Grace – Pray for Zac and Kylee and the music/worship team, for effective reading of the Scriptures, communication of love, prayer, teaching of God’s Word, communion, baptism, etc.

Pray for Sunday night services – for God to bring those weekly who should be a part. Pray the prayer times would be helpful and reflective of our dependence on God. Pray for the testimonies that are shared and the love we get to express in these gatherings to abound more and more.

Pray for our ministry to college and young adults – Thursday night bible study – ministry outreaches to colleges

Pray for our youth ministry

Pray for our community groups 

Pray for Spring Kids 

Pray for women’s ministry

Pray for moms’ ministry

Pray for men’s ministry

Pray for our ministry to the homeless

Pray for Hope918

Pray for our ministry to families – for our marriage sweetener on February 7th

Pray for Sports Club and Girls Club

Pray for our Nursery ministry

Pray for our Prison ministry

Pray for ministry to the deaf

Pray for getAHEAD

Pray for our Summer Intern Program

Pray for our One Hope Fellowship Program beginning in the Fall

Pray for our elders and our elder training and selection

Pray for many who minister in our body through other avenues – like as a CASA worker, coaching, teaching, fostering, counseling, visiting those who are shut-in or in the hospital…

Pray for those who help with building and vehicle maintenance

Pray for our sound booth ministry as they help us hear well the services and record and distribute the sermons online

Pray for those who maintain our website and provide good communication to the church family