"…to the praise of the glory of His grace…" Ephesians 1:6

Pray for the world – this week Africa

Pray For…Africa

•Population of Africa – 997,260,873
•Percentage of Evangelicals – 14.8%
•Total number of Countries – 58
•Number of Restricted Countries – 12
•Total number of People Groups – 3,124
•Number of Unreached People Groups – 1,977

Africa is one of the most diverse continents with a variety of languages, cultures, peoples, religions, and history. The North African states are made up mostly of Arab peoples with small populations of black Africans. The black African populations increase in proportion as one moves to countries further South. Poverty is a major factor in this continent. Heavy droughts; corrupt, unstable governments; and widespread conflicts have displaced vast populations and left even more with vulnerable food supplies and lack of suitable shelter. Also, Africa has seen a growing AIDS population with whole generations pass away from this disease. This is largely due to a lack of preventative education and proper medical care. However, along with this, Africa is home to 12 countries where there is widespread persecution against those who follow Christ. These countries are largely located in the northern part of the continent and mostly are in Muslim dominated countries. Those who profess faith in Christ risk losing jobs, friends, family, their freedom, and even their lives. Let us remember those in chains and ask God to put a passion in all of His people to cling to Christ alone in a similar manner. Sources: Voice of the Martyrs, IMB Global Research, Operation World, and CIA World Factbook

•Pray for our brothers and sisters who are persecuted that the Lord with be with them, keep them, and make His face shine upon them.
•Pray for God to bring His peace to the continent of Africa which has been ravaged by war.
•Pray for the majority of African peoples who live in poverty where even basic needs such as food, clothing, and shelter are a daily struggle.
•Pray for the great number of people affected by AIDS and for God to move amidst the lack of education and proper medical care that continues to escalate.
•Pray for the Church in Africa to be effective in the discipling of new believers.
•Ask God to provide leadership training within the church by supplying funds and solid Biblical resources for training and supporting full-time workers.