"…to the praise of the glory of His grace…" Ephesians 1:6

Prayer Week Prayer Requests

getAHEAD Prayer Requests

– Please pray that the Lord would provide faithful tutors to invest in the kids and that the Lord would bless those relationships and make them long-term mentoring opportunities
– Please pray that the Lord would give us wisdom in dealing with the discipline issues that arise with the kids and wisdom in relating to and encouraging the kids’ parents
– Please pray the Lord would provide the resources (manpower & finances) that the program needs
– Please pray that Lord would give the staff energy, creativity, enthusiasm, and patience every getAHEAD, especially since many of the getAHEAD staff and volunteers work other jobs during the day and are worn out by the time getAHEAD begins.
– Please pray for the hearts of the kids: that they would be soft to the things of the Lord, that they would recognize the love we have for them because of Jesus, and that they would pay extra attention during the times when we talk about the Lord with them
– Please pray for the safety of the children particularly during transportation
– Please pray that God would open up more opportunities for us to interact with parents and invite them to church
– Please pray that God would give us wisdom about how to maximize the time we get with the kids and that the things we do with them would have a long-term impact for the glory of God in the battle against racism, poverty, and violence in our city

One Hope Academy Prayer Requests
– Please pray that the staff would have energy, excitement, and creativity every day
– Please pray for wisdom in handling the discipline issues; pray that God would give real resolution and bring about real change when discipline issues arise
– Please pray that the staff would be able to motivate the students to learn
– Please pray that God would make the hearts of the students soft towards our staff and that He would open their eyes to the love that our staff has for them
– Please pray that God would save every one of the students and turn them into ambassadors for Christ in their families and communities
– Please pray that the Lord will provide many Gospel opportunities with each of the students
– Please pray that the teachers would walk in the Spirit and be reminded that they have the help of the Holy Spirit in the both the mundane and the difficult moments
– Please pray that both the students and the staff would have the grace to persevere throughout the semester
– Please pray that God would bring more saints to volunteer at the school and to pray for the school
– Please pray that God would provide funds for hiring on more staff for the school

One Hope Ministry Prayer Requests
– Please pray for God’s direction and God’s vision as we pray and plan for the future ministry of One Hope
– Please pray that God would show us the best ways to battle the poverty, discrimination, and violence that have strongholds in our city
– Please pray that God would provide opportunities for the church body to get more involved in the daily ministry of One Hope
– Please pray that God would prepare the hearts of those He is calling to intern this summer
– Please pray that God will provide for the summer ministry

Please Pray For…The Ministries of Springs of Grace Bible Church
Pray for the preaching of the Word of God as we gather together that God would empower His Word as it is preached and empower His people to prove it out as they hear.
Pray for the ministry outreach of One Hope to those in need in our community. Pray for the One Hope Tutorial Academy students to develop a pursuit of living a life they have been created for.
Pray for GetAhead as it begins a new semester. Pray for tutors and workers and relationships with children and their parents.
Pray for our Twenty Something Bible Study as it begins again in a few weeks.
Pray for the sick in our church body and those dealing with ongoing physical trials.
Pray for laborers to come and join us in this ministry.
Pray for those trapped in poverty in our city that we might build relationships with them and demonstrate to them the life of Jesus.
Pray for those in our city enslaved to drugs, violence, pornography, homosexuality, comfort, racism, and hatred. Pray that Jesus might set the captives free.
Pray for those involved in human trafficking. Pray for the rescue of children and young girls enslaved in the sex slave trade.
Pray for the homeless in our city and for the hungry that we might show them the love of Jesus.
Pray for orphans and those in the foster care system. Pray for those in our church who are seeking to adopt to be able to do so soon.
Pray for the families of Springs of Grace to model the love and mission of the church.
Pray for one another.
Pray for the Sick
Anne Julian – stomach cancer (pray for her physical strength and for her family’s faith)
Sue Hopkins – blood clot in leg – recovering from fall
Marcella Kline – weak heart
Vanessa Fry – South Korea
Carrie Moss – returning to Lutz, Ukraine
Matt Shackelford – Waxahachie, TX
Interns and Former Interns