"…to the praise of the glory of His grace…" Ephesians 1:6

Praying for Asia

The Unfinished Task in Asia
1 While we praise God for great strides in the evangelization of Asia, the remaining challenge is awesome

a) Over 83% of the 4.4 billion non-Christians in the world

b) Over 87% of World A unevangelized individuals

c) The three largest non-Christian religions in the world and the most challenging for Christians: 832 million Muslims, 805 million Hindus, 400-900 million Buddhists

2 Of the 55 countries of the world that are less than 10% Christian, 44 are in Asia

3 The least evangelized people on earth are predominantly Asian

4 The unreached peoples of Asia

a) The Arab World (including North Africa, but excluding African minorities)

b) The Indo-Iranian bloc

c) The South Asian bloc is the largest of the 8 with 1.3 billion individuals, nearly 800 ethno-linguistic peoples and thousands of ethno-cultural caste groups

d) The Turkic bloc stretches from SE Europe to NE Siberia across most of Central Asia

e) The East Asian bloc comprising those cultures deeply impacted by the Chinese

f) The Tibeto-Burman bloc of the Himalayas, Central Asia, NE India, Myanmar and China

g) The Southeast Asian bloc — the four nations of Indo-China, Thailand and South China

h) The Malay peoples

5 Special areas of ministry need:

a) The Parsees are followers of the Persian Zoroaster

b) Children in crisis

c) Bible translation presents a major challenge with 1,300 languages having a definite or likely need