"…to the praise of the glory of His grace…" Ephesians 1:6

Pray for Bangladesh

Pray For…Bangladesh

•Population – 156,050,883
•Percentage of Evangelicals – 0.4%
•Total Number of People Groups – 46
•Number of Unreached People Groups – 24
•Language Spoken – Bangla; English often used
•Major Religion – Islam (85.6%), Hindu (12.4%)
•Human Development Rank – 146
•Persecution Index – 30

In 1947, East Bengal and West Pakistan (both primarily Muslim states) separated from India (largely Hindu state) to form the new country of Pakistan. In 1955, East Bengal became known as East Pakistan. Because of discrimination and an awkward governing situation, East Pakistan seceded from Pakistan and became Bangladesh. Military coups, mismanagement, and bad governance have plagued Bangladesh’s past. Although there is said to be religious freedom, Islam was once the state religion and still plays a major role in both society and government. Bangladesh is home to the 7th largest population in the world. During the annual monsoon rainy season, nearly 1/3 of the country floods. These floods help make the ground fertile but cause the an already poor society great loss and hinders development. Many people are left homeless due to these floods. Nearly half of the children under 5 years of age are moderately to severely underweight. Over population and flooding cause the majority Bangli people to begin to develop in areas occupied by minority tribes. This creates tension that sometimes becomes violent. There is great need in Bangladesh for humanitarian help and for the gospel of Jesus Christ.

•Pray for God to move in the hearts of the country leaders to govern with honesty, wisdom, and fairness.
•Pray for the people of Bangladesh who have lost family members, homes, and possessions due to flooding and other natural disasters.
•Ask God to continue to bless the Christian ministries that are present in Bangladesh who serve the people while proclaiming the gospel of Christ.
•Pray for the Bangladeshi Christians to remain faithful amidst difficulties and share their faith.