"…to the praise of the glory of His grace…" Ephesians 1:6

Pray For…Ethiopia

Pray For…Ethiopia

•Population – 85,237,338
•Percentage of Evangelicals – 19.7%
•Total Number of People Groups – 127
•Number of Unreached People Groups – 120
•Language Spoken – Amarigna (32.7%), Oromigna (31.6%), Tigrigna, Somaligna
•Major Religion – Orthodox Christian (50.6%), Muslim (32.8%), Protestant
•Human Development Rank – 171
•Persecution Index – 44

Ethiopia was ruled by a monarchy from ancient times until 1974 when it was overthrown by a military junta. The new regime established Ethiopia as a socialist state. After years of turmoil, widespread drought, refugee problems, and military uprisings a rebel coalition overthrew the government in 1991. The following years Ethiopia adopted a constitution, conducted elections, and became a stable democracy. However, the people of Ethiopia have had little relief. Ethiopia is one of the poorest countries in the world. Over the past two decades, Ethiopia has experienced six major droughts that have resulted in the lack of food and water in many areas due to damaged crops and inability to support livestock. Instability in surrounding countries has not helped this. Tens of thousands of refugees from Sudan and Somalia fleeing war-torn countries to Ethiopia has put added strain on the land and government resources. As for the spiritual condition of Ethiopia, Islam grew during the time of socialism while many Christian leaders were imprisoned. The first Christians came to Ethiopia in the 4th century and Orthodox Christianity had been the state religion in Ethiopia for centuries until the fall of the monarchy. Due to its isolation from other Christian communities, however, the Ethiopian Orthodox Church has developed traditions and theology that in many ways is in need of reformation. Evangelical believers today are hard-pressed and live under the threat of persecution from both Muslims and Orthodox Christians. Almost 95% of all the people groups in Ethiopia (120 out of 127) are considered unreached; 98 of those people groups have no known witness of the gospel of Christ. The needs, both spiritually and physically, in Ethiopia are great. So, let us go before the Father on behalf of those in Ethiopia.

•Pray for those who have disease and deaths of loved ones due to the lack of water.
•Pray for God to raise up His church to take the gospel to these refugees.
•Pray for God to strengthen His church in Ethiopia so they can withstand false teaching and persecution while being able share the true message of salvation by faith in Christ alone.
•Pray for the 120 people groups in Ethiopia that are considered unreached.