"…to the praise of the glory of His grace…" Ephesians 1:6

Pray For…The Mandinka of Gambia and Senegal

Pray For…
The Mandinka of Gambia and Senegal
• Population of the Mandinka – 1,414,000
• Percentage of Evangelicals – unknown (0.1% Christian Adherent)
• Language Spoken – Mandinka
• Major Religion – Islam (Sunni) mixed with traditional beliefs
• Human Development Rank of Countries – 166 (Senegal), 168 (Gambia)
• Persecution Index – N/A

Centuries ago, the Mandinka people left their homeland in Mali to search of better farm lands and settled in Gambia, Senegal, and some surrounding countries. The Mandinka were mainly animists, but through trade, some converted to Islam. Many of the Mandinka resisted Islam but over time their animistic beliefs merged with Islam. Now, most of the Mandinka claim to be Muslims but their beliefs are sometimes mixed with animism. Today, almost half of the population of Gambia is Mandinka. Senegal and Gambia are two of the world’s poorest countries. There is currently the New Testament translated in Mandinka, but due to poor education very few of the Mandinka are able to read. In addition, access to the Gospel is limited among the Mandinka people. The highest estimates say only 0.1% of Mandinka are Christians. The few Mandinka who are believers live in an oppressive environment with little support outside of their faith in Christ.

• Pray for the spread of the Gospel among the Mandinka and that they would know the one true God.
• Pray that God would send laborers to continue the proclamation of the Good News among the Mandinka.
• Pray for God to call out teachers to help educate the Mandinka so that they can learn to read His Word.
• Ask God to grant courage and boldness to the Mandinka believers to remain faithful.