"…to the praise of the glory of His grace…" Ephesians 1:6

Pray for India

Pray For…India

•Population – 1,173,108,018
•Percentage of Evangelicals – 1.8%
•Total Number of People Groups – 1030
•Number of Unreached People Groups – 808
•Language Spoken – Hindi (41%), Bengali (8.1%), Telugu (7.2)
•Major Religion – Hindu (80.5%), Muslim (13.4%), Christian, Sikh
•Human Development Rank – 134
•Persecution Index – 26

The country of India is home to one of the world’s largest population, over 1 billion people, second only to China. Most of India’s population live in rural towns connected by rough roads. Nonetheless, India still claims some of the world’s largest cities. This population is made up of hundreds of languages and hundreds of peoples across a landscape that varies just as much. India is also considered one of the most spiritual places in the world with a diversity of religions ranging from Hinduism, Islam, Christianity, and Sikh just to name a few. However, India is considered one of the most unreached places concerning the gospel with over 25% of the world’s unreached (based on population) and almost 10% of the population of peoples who do not have a known Christian witness. Indian Christians have recently faced increased persecution from both radical Hindus in places like Orissa and radical Muslims in places like Kashmir. Along with a need for the gospel, poverty is widespread in India. UN World Food Programme statistics show that nearly 50% of the world’s hungry live in India. Although India’s economy has been strengthening due to the growing global economy, most of the people of India still live in poverty. It is also said that around 35% of India’s population (350 million) are considered food-insecure, consuming less that 80% of minimum energy requirements. Along with this, nearly 9 out of 10 pregnant women between ages 15 and 49 years suffer from malnutrition and anemia. All that said, India is a land of varying cultures, numerous peoples, and one of great need. Brook Hills is focusing on urgent spiritual and physical needs through the Radical Experiment Global Initiative. This initiative looks to provide: basic needs (clean water, food, etc.) to families and communities; translation of the Word of God; training of church planters to go out into unreached areas; and strengthen churches to spread the Gospel. (Sources: IMB Global Research, Operation World, UN World Food Programme, CIA World Factbook)

•Pray for God to raise up Christians, both believers out of each people group and missionaries from outside, to spread the Gospel throughout this land.
•Pray for God to comfort, protect, and strengthen His children in the country of India and give them courage to continue spreading the Gospel.
•Pray for God to continue to strengthen His church in India so they would not be tossed by every wind of doctrine but be established firmly in God’s Word.
•Pray for God to provide the people of India with necessities such as food, clean water, basic sanitation and knowledge of health and life skills.