"…to the praise of the glory of His grace…" Ephesians 1:6

Pray For…Oman

Pray For…Oman

•Population – 3,418,085
•Percentage of Evangelicals – .30%
•Total Number of People Groups – 31
•Number of Unreached People Groups – 31
•Language Spoken – Arabic
•Major Religion – Muslim
•Human Development Rank – 56
•Persecution Index – 28

Oman was signed in a series of friendship treaties with Britain in the 18th century and its dependence on British political and military advisers increased, although never becoming a British colony. In 1970, ruler Qaboos bin Said Al-Said overthrew his father and stopped a communist uprising. His continued rule as sultan today has opened Oman to an extensive modernization program and puts Oman in good relations with all Middle Eastern countries. It is known as one of the most socially progressive nations in the region. Oman is predominantly Muslim, in fact the very small Christian population consists almost entirely of foreign workers. Churches and church activities for the expatriate communities are permitted, but Muslims are forbidden to convert. Those who are Christians are looked upon as lower class citizens and are required to register before any religious group can legally meet. Sharing the Gospel is not illegal in Oman, but it is strongly discouraged by pressure from the government. New believers from a Muslim background face severe persecution from family and society and are often times in secret. The entire Muslim majority is a big challenge because the small handful of indigenous believers cannot profess Christ openly. Therefore the spread of the Gospel is limited.

•Pray that the restrictions placed on Christians will be lifted and access to Christian literature and multimedia resources will be available to the benefit of many.
•Pray that God will bless expatriate churches seeking to share the Gospel with the people of Oman.
•Pray for secret believers, who are often isolated and lack teaching and resources to help them grow in their faith.
•Ask God to move in the government of Oman so the good news of Christ can be proclaimed freely.