"…to the praise of the glory of His grace…" Ephesians 1:6

Pray for Syria

Pray For…Syria

•Population – 22,277,000
•Percentage of Evangelicals – 0.1%
•Total Number of People Groups – 33
•Number of Unreached People Groups – 15
•Language Spoken – Arabic
•Major Religion – Islam
•Human Development Rank – 107

In 1946 Syria was granted its independence from France, which acquired it following World War I. The first few decades of Syria’s independence were plagued with military coups and instability in the government. In 1958 the United Arab Republic was formed with Syria’s unification with Egypt. But soon after that the Republic was disassembled and Syria reestablished the Syrian Arab Republic in 1961. Political stability would soon follow with the forced power and control of Hafiz al-Asad. Since then Syria has found itself in the role as peacekeeper and moderator of many of the issues in that area of the world. Bashar al-Asad was elected in 2007 to his second term as president. The economy in Syria is based around 3 important factors: oil, agriculture and tourism. Like most countries, Syria was affected greatly by the global economic crisis in 2009. Declining oil production, high unemployment and a lack of water supply because of the 4 year drought are a few of the economic constraints Syria is facing. A severe drought over the last 4 years has caused Syria’s people to suffer greatly. This drought has put a tax on the already low water reserve. Mostly agriculture suffers, and a large percentage of farmers are moving their families to the city in search of a better job. Many Syrian refugees are living in the city in refugee camps in hopes to receive food and water from humanitarian relief workers. It is estimated that the drought has pushed 2-3 million people into extreme poverty. The loss from the four year drought has been significant for the population of Syria. The Church is small but growing in Syria. The need for more leaders is great. The task to help the poor and needy is overwhelming and more workers are needed.

•Pray for the severe drought to end. Pray for rain to help restore the land and allow people to provide basic needs for themselves.

•Lasting peace in the Middle East cannot exist without the stability of Syria’s government and active role. Pray for God to somehow use this nation to bring peace to this area.

•The Church is small in Syria. Pray for more leaders to train pastors and new believers. Pray that all the believers will gain a deep desire to grow in godliness and outreach.

•Pray for the millions of impoverished people in Syria. Pray for relief. Pray for sustainability in an uncertain time. Pray for the church to be obedient to meet the needs of the poor. Pray God will use this time to draw people close to Him.