"…to the praise of the glory of His grace…" Ephesians 1:6

Pray For…The Navajo Indians

Pray For…The Navajo Indians

•Population – 277,000
•Percentage of Evangelicals – N/A
•Language Spoken – Navajo
•Major Religion – Christianity

The Navajos are the second largest tribe in the United States. Most of the Navajos live on or near their main reservation of some 24,000 square miles —the largest in the country—in Arizona, New Mexico, and Utah. The Navajo land, though extremely remote and isolated, has many renewable and non-renewable natural resources. Much of income is derived from oil, gas and uranium deposits on the reservation, which has made the development of industrial enterprises possible. The majority of Navajos still live in hogans—mound-shaped, windowless dwellings made of logs and mud. An increasing number, however, have homes with modern conveniences. Construction of sanitation facilities, medical centers, and roads into isolated areas has improved tribal health. However, over 50 percent of Navajo people live below the poverty level. High levels of unemployment persist despite efforts to find ways to attract various types of businesses on the reservation. The Navajo are challenged daily by the tasks associated with attracting businesses to an environment that has little or no infrastructure. Life on the reservation can be difficult. Basic necessities like electricity and secure home structures make it a reality that third world poverty exists within the United States. High rates of alcoholism and other social vices plague the Navajo community and contribute to the cycle of poverty that has held this people group down for centuries. The church is small, but many ministries are working among the Navajo. According to Joshua Project, there are few, if any, known Evangelical professing Christians among the Navajo.

•Pray for the Gospel to penetrate the Native American cultural barrier that exists. Pray that culturally appropriate ministry and the development of indigenous forms of Christian worship will help the Navajo realize that they can be both Christian and Native American.
•Pray for full reconciliation of the Navajo and immigrant peoples. Ask the Lord to bring about true repentance by white Americans and true forgiveness by the Navajo, so a spiritual breakthrough can take place.
•Pray for God to move among the Navajo and for the Holy Spirit to speak to the hearts of those who need salvation. Pray for the Navajo people to be saved.
•Pray for existing Navajo believers to be encouraged. Pray for the small Navajo church to be bold to share the Gospel and make disciples in their own communities.
•Pray for workers to be sent to the Navajo to equip and provide biblical training to those who need it.