"…to the praise of the glory of His grace…" Ephesians 1:6

One Hope Academy

I have the privilege of serving as the Superintendent of the One Hope Academy. One Hope Academy is an important ministry in the life of Springs of Grace and for our city. I would encourage you to read the front page of our handbook that is copied below.

Why does the One Hope Academy exist?
At One Hope Academy, we believe that everything we do is motivated by the fact that God is the greatest treasure of the universe. As a result, the education students receive at One Hope Academy has the ultimate purpose of helping them to see the value and glory of God and to live a life of love for God and neighbor.
What makes the One Hope Academy special?
We believe the most effective way to educate is in the context of strong relationships. Our staff places a high priority on building relationships with students and commits to spending time mentoring students outside of school.
We are committed to utilizing the best and most current research in the way we structure school policies, expectations, and lesson plans.
We want students to pursue excellence not just success both in and outside of the classroom. We are never satisfied with a student being anything less than the absolute best he can be. We believe, “Pretty good is not good enough.”
We recognize that there are no shortcuts to achieving the goal of each of our students attending college and becoming a compassionate, productive member of our community. Students have to spend more time learning, more time reading, and give more effort than they have ever have before.
We believe that what makes the One Hope Academy a special and successful organization is not primarily clever instructional plans or groundbreaking innovation. It is our commitment to employ high quality staff who are also people of integrity, compassion, and commitment.
We are committed to doing whatever it takes to help a student succeed. That is why we offer counseling services and work to the best of our ability to help students find other services they require.
We recognize the crucial role reading plays in education and are committed to ensuring that each one of our students becomes a reader for life. We intentionally structure our school days, lesson plans, field trips, and educational priorities with each student’s growth as a reader as a central focus.
We believe that what separates the One Hope Academy from many other quality private schools is our commitment to inspire our students to learn for the world. By that we mean our students are not just learning and working hard so they can be one day be successful personally, but they are learning and working hard so they can become leaders and philanthropists in our community and around the world.