"…to the praise of the glory of His grace…" Ephesians 1:6

Prayer Week – Thursday Prayer Helps

    Please be in prayer for getAHEAD

Pray for gospel interactions with parents; Pray for the families that we would build relationships through getAHEAD that lead to families being saved. Pray especially for Kailah, Abby, Raymond and Aiden’s mom, who expressed interest in coming to church this Sunday. Pray that God would bring families to the program who are hungry for love and for the truth of God’s word.
Pray for kids to understand the Gospel
Pray for us to manage the program well so that kids are able to benefit from it academically, relationally, and most importantly, spiritually
Pray for the Floor Times when we walk through the stories of the OT with the kids; pray the kids would see how the OT all points to Jesus; Pray for the Floor Time leaders as they teach through the Old Testament, drawing out applications about God’s character and the promise and fulfillment of Jesus. Pray for soft hearts, for good questions from the kids and for wise answers from the teachers. Pray for the oldest class as their Floor Time, out of immediate necessity, is more focused on conflict resolution, loving other people, anger management, and how the gospel answers all of these problems.
Pray for the Lord to add more kids to getAHEAD; Pray for wisdom as we add kids to the program, that we would know how to integrate them most effectively and how to use the staff we have in the way that would be most beneficial.
Pray for the Lord to help us continue to develop our relationship with Jones Elementary
Pray for the Lord to bless the mentoring program as we try to get it off the ground
Pray for the Lord to cause the schools to give us favor and allow us to send mentors in
Pray for the Lord to raise up mentors for the kids we have waiting
Pray for the Lord to raise up more getAHEAD volunteers
Pray for wisdom as we make decisions about getAHEAD
Pray for the teachers and volunteers that they would serve with God’s strength and for His glory, and that their love and continual patience would reflect Christ.
Pray for the students that they would learn to care for and help one another as a getAHEAD family.
Pray for logistical and financial considerations, for money for snacks, school supplies, art supplies, transportation expenses, and teacher salaries.
Pray that God would provide more laborers and more space in which they can labor.

    Please pray for the One Hope Academy Students and Staff

Teachers: Jillian Hazel, Jared Tabor, Miriam Boone; administrators and assistance personnel: Nate Boone, Tyler Brown, Carrie Poole
Students at the church full time: Tyree Mayfield, Luis Marez, Demarcus Pearson, Jordan Perry, Curtis Johnson, Kyra Alonzo
Students under One Hope but not at the church full time: Darius Andrews, Ranisha Johnson, Kay Kay Brown, Cherrod Culberson, Jhamil Clardy, Khamil Clardy

Pray for the students to come to saving faith
Pray for the students to make academic progress that will open doors for them in the future
Pray for perseverance for the staff
Pray for many Gospel opportunities in the midst of the mundane
Pray for the staff to faithfully live out the Gospel in front of students
Pray for more opportunities to impact the students’ families
Pray for wisdom about how to handle discipline issues
Pray for the seniors doing online classes that they would be motivated to finish and that we would have continued opportunities to speak the gospel into their lives.
Pray for all of our students that God would give them a desire for Him and to hear His word preached and taught.
Pray that God would soften hardened hearts.
Pray for the families of our students–none are from a Christian home and all have different obstacles to the gospel in their homes. Pray that God soften the hearts and open the eyes of parents and siblings.
Pray for the staff to persevere in loving and correcting in a way that continually points to God.
Pray for financial provision.

    Pray for Medical Missions Opportunities in Tulsa & around the world

pray for interns, residents, doctors in the “In His Image” program
Pray for Good Samaritan program
Pray for wisdom & creative ways to use the gifts of this body to help serve our community in ways that will show the love of Christ and give opportunities for the declaration of the gospel.

Pray for interns and former interns of Springs of Grace

Barrett Ahrberg
Lincoln Beard
Lottie Blankenship
Malachi Blankenship
Samuel Blankenship (Junior Intern)
Jerusha Blankenship
Miriam Blankenship Boone
Nate Boone
Chase Bray
Jerica Briggs (nearly an intern :))
Ivy Brightwell
Hannah Blankenship Brown
Tyler Brown
Sarah Campbell
Sam Castles
Colby Craig
Beth Morris Day
Joe Day
Maggie Day
Lauren Dunlap (Junior Intern)
Brett Eggerth
Jessica Fessler
Meagan Fowler
Hannah Frantz
Jonah Fry
Noah Fry
Vanessa Fry
Hannah Fry
Erika Fry Schweiger
Jake Funderburk
Aaron Gaglia [prayer for God’s blessing on Liz and my marriage (been married since August 26th); We live in Alexandria, VA (8 miles south of DC. I am currently applying to teaching programs where I would teach in inner city schools and get my teaching credential at the same time. Liz is currently applying to grad school; guidance for Liz and my provision & guidance for the future.]
Mayra Garcia
Jacob Gastelum
Graham Harp
Anthony Hays
Jillian Hazel
Lydia Hazel
Whittaker Henson [Help balancing classes and job while staying focused on the Lord ….Continue to pray for his sister, Taryn as well]
Alissa Hill
Rachel Lapo Hill
Katherine Hodge
Paige Tryggestad Laeger
Amanda Bess Lehtonen
Kathryn Lohr
Courtney Martin [One thing I want to pray for this year for myself is that the Lord will teach me his peace and teach me not to be anxious. I even find myself worrying that somehow God won’t provide the things I need for spiritual growth – the challenging fellowship or the conviction from his Word or the encouragement of his closeness. How can I forget his faithfulness and that his mercies are new every morning? ]
Andrea Martinez
Allison Mann Mason
Caitlin McCaffrey
Kim Molter [Grandparents moved in 2-3 weeks ago; Starting school next Monday; Working through my past with two sisters. The Lord is showing me that all I need is Him and experiencing His true grace.]
MacKenzie Moody (Junior Intern)
Danielle Jacobs Pixley
Carrie Poole
Phillip Ramer
Abigail Ray
Sarah Roberts
Cory Rowledge
Tremayne Russ
Matt Shackelford
Jordana Showman
Peter Skurdal
Elizabeth Smith
Lizzy Smith
Chris Smith
Lasondra “Nu Nu” Sparks
Stephanie Bray Spillers
Julie Stilson
Emily Heinz Supica
John Supica [John & Emily would appreciate your prayers for God’s calling to a specific place and people. longing to finish seminary and go but do not yet have a particular country we feel led to go. Maybe somewhere we can speak Spanish… Maybe East Asia… The Lord knows.  The Lord has graciously given me a part time job as intern for neighborhood outreach and as director over our fatherless mentoring ministry… I’d appreciate your prayers that I would be faithful to labor diligently in my job and studies and to be faithful in loving Emily well. Lastly, be praying for grace for Emily to enjoy her job, teaching her K-6 graders Spanish and loving her fellow teachers well… We love you and miss you much!]
Amalie Smith Sutton
Jared Tabor
Landon Terrell
Jen Ginsberg Theisen
Dan Warne
Dan Watson
Rachel Thompson Watson
Rachel Winn [I’m beginning the second half of my sophomore year at the University of Tulsa, studying Economics and Finance. I will be volunteering with getahead in the spring, working part-time at Charleston’s, and staying involved in various organizations on campus. I think the biggest issues I’ve been dealing with lately haven’t been as much to do with me, as with people I’m closest too. I’m sure you know about the health issues my dad has been having for the last year especially. It was hard to deal with seeing him constantly degenerate this semester. I also found out about a month ago that Patrick has Hodgkin’s lymphoma, so he will be having chemo throughout this semester. Really what I need prayer for the most is trusting God even when things are difficult, and knowing that there is so much more than just this life. 2 Corinthians 4:17 has been in my mind a lot. And on an earthly level, just being able to do well in school and manage my time well.]
Amy Witt  [I would appreciate prayer for deeper intimacy with the Lord, the grace to pray more and more, and direction for the summer.]
Josh Yochim
Jonathan Zytkoskee