"…to the praise of the glory of His grace…" Ephesians 1:6






– Pray for our ministry to those who are temporarily without housing

Pray for Tyler Brown and Joseph Lockard as they lead our ministry at the Day Center and Salvation Army

Pray for Lottie Blankenship and Alissa Hill and other volunteers who minister alongside Tyler and Joseph on Tuesday nights at the Day Center

Pray for sincere love for the homeless

Pray for wisdom in sharing the Word Of God. Many different backgrounds and we need Gods wisdom to focus on the central core of the gospel

Pray for deliverance from false teaching and renewed desire for the Truth

Pray for Gods direction in how to stay better involved with those that move out of the shelter

Pray for continued favor with the staff at the shelter

Pray for Jared Tabor as he leads out in the teaching of our youth on Wednesday nights

Pray for the small group leaders (Jillian Hazel, Carrie Tabor, Jake Funderburk, Alissa Hill, Jerusha Blankenship, Tyler Brown, Jonah Fry, Lincoln Beard, Taylor Ecton) as they seek to help our youth apply God’s Word

Pray for the 30-50 young people that come most Wednesday nights that they would continue to grow in their understanding of God, their love for Him, their love for each other and their commitment to love our city as Christ followers

Pray that God would give us kids earnestly seeking to follow the Lord, convict the ones who are just playing around about their sin, and give our staff wisdom in knowing how to correct and challenge them with the gospel and our own lives

Pray for our sports club on Monday nights. Had about 40 people last night – that’s a lot of people and feels like too much for the number of current helpers but so glad these young high school guys are coming. Pray for the teaching time at sports club and for the interaction with these young men that they would see Jesus

Pray for Nate Boone as he leads our college ministry

-Pray for our Bible studies in 1+2 Thessalonians / Psalms that ​God would bring students to be a part of them, that He would make us good readers of His Word, and that we would be doers not just hearers.

-Pray for growth in community and fellowship among our college students, that relationships would be increasingly encouraging and godward.

-Pray for the college ministry as we pray ​for ideas ​about how the college students​ can take a lead in doing justice and loving mercy in our city

-Pray for our ability to ​​minister to additional college students ​or young adults ​this semester that we haven’t met yet.

-Pray for opportunities for us to grow in ministry to international students.

Pray for our Ladies Bible Study as they begin a study through the Book of James

Pray for leaders to emerge for the Tuesday evening time and for Rosa as she leads out in both times initially

Pray ladies will be able to stay faithful to the study

Pray that ladies will benefit from the study of God’s Word