"…to the praise of the glory of His grace…" Ephesians 1:6

Welcome Interns into the Springs of Grace Church Family

Just finished the first night of Opening Intern Retreat and I am so excited about the chance for our church family to pour into the lives of these 25 guys and girls plus our staff this summer. I am thrilled to watch them labor in the context of a church family that is going hard after loving our Lord, our city and the nations.

In the busyness of the summer it is easy to simply watch from a distance the interns but please don’t do that. Springs of Grace Church family – invest in these guys and girls the things God has been teaching you – invest through prayer – invest by caring for their practical needs – invest by choosing a few opportunities to labor and love alongside them – invest by seeking out conversations and ways to help carry their burdens.

We have 22 interns and 3 junior interns (12 first year interns, 10 guy interns). We have interns from Tulsa, Enid, Lawton, Houston, Shreveport, Connecticut, Washington, Missouri, Georgia.

A lot of the interns have been a part of Springs of Grace previously and you know them but this is still an important time for you to invest in their spiritual growth.

Others will be brand new to you and their experience interning will be greatly enhanced if they get to know and hear about the work of God in your life & if you include them in the giving and receiving of the “one anothers’ of Scripture.

Come eat a lunch with us or spend some time intentionally serving alongside of the interns.

No doubt there will continue to be a lot of ministry that happens through Springs of Grace completely outside of the interns and staff – keep it up – but also take advantage of God sending us these guys and girls. They all have a story with hurts and pains and joys and dreams. They need to see more of Jesus this summer and I am praying a lot of that happens through our Springs of Grace Church family.

Pastor Joe