"…to the praise of the glory of His grace…" Ephesians 1:6


prayerweektuesdayTuesday, January 10th
6:30-7:30 am Men’s prayer time at church auditorium
10:00-11:30 am Ladies prayer time at church auditorium
Plan on joining one of these prayer times if you can or finding some time to pray with us for these issues. We will focus our prayer on praying for those who teach and preach God’s Word in the different ministries at Springs and for those who listen and learn from God’s Word.
Pray for the teachers of our Sunday morning bible studies (Renee Wilkins & Stacy Condi – Nursery; Hannah Brown & Larissa Olsen – Preschool; Nathan & Maryem Smith & Linda Toppins – 1st & 2nd grade; Tyler Brown & Joshua Yochim – 3rd & 4th grade; Krista Burton & Lottie Blankenship – 5th & 6th grade; Lincoln Beard & Fred Sabatini – Youth; Nate & Miriam Boone – College & Career; Doug Fry – Young Married; Nic Gathers & David Wilkins – Adult;)
Pray for the preaching of God’s Word on Sunday mornings – for Pastor Joe’s preparation, personal intake of God’s Word, his sensitivity to the Spirit, and the delivery of God’s Word to us.
Pray for those who teach and share on Sunday nights.
Pray for Nate and Miriam Boone, Jillian Hazel and others who help them as they lead out in our college bible studies on Thursday nights.
Pray for our youth workers (Malachi Blankenship, Jillian Hazel, Tyler Brown, Lydia Hazel, Kaity Swinford, Mat Levenson, Jarred Jessup, Olivia Coye, Carrie Tabor, Jake Funderburk, Jerusha Blankenship, Alissa Hill, Jared Tabor) as they teach our youth on Wednesday nights and for the small group leaders who take God’s Word that is shared and help apply it further to the lives of our youth.
Pray for Rosa Blankenship, Renee’ Wilkins and Amanda Neph as they teach through the women’s bible study on the Lamb of God (Exodus – Deuteronomy).
Pray for the different men who lead out in the discussions around the men’s bible study will be doing “Mingling of Souls” video series by Matt Chandler.
Pray for the teaching of God’s Word by Jake Funderburk to our One Hope Academy students and the other teachers who teach and share God’s Word with them (Miriam Boone, Jared Tabor, Jillian Hazel, Nate Boone, Tyler Brown)
Pray for Tyler Brown as he teaches God’s Word at the Day Center on Tuesday nights and for those who labor alongside of him to love the homeless.
Pray for Tyler Brown, Boggey Neph, Mat Levenson, Mikey Manghum and others who teach God’s Word to young men at Sports Club on Monday nights.
Pray for Carrie Tabor, Lottie Blankenship, Miriam Boone, Jillian Hazel, Kaity Swinford, Alissa Hill, Andrea Martinez, Amanda Neph, Larissa Olsen, Brook Helmberger, Colleen Geisbrecht and others who teach God’s Word to young ladies at Girls Club on Monday nights and Tuesday nights.
Pray that all of these preachers and teachers would be diligent students of the Bible and handle it accurately, striving to communicate the author’s intention in the text – that they would share the Word of God and not the Word of men – that they would be kept from false doctrine or application that goes beyond the authority of the text but that they would speak with boldness what God has said through His Word, the Bible.
Pray for those of us who sit under the teaching of God’s Word that we would have hearts and minds that are receptive and hungering to hear from God through the Bible.
Pray for many to value more highly the preaching and teaching of God’s Word.
Pray for our own individual reading and studying of God’s Word – that we would take the time to read the Bible and that we might have ears to hear it and the grace of God to understand it and that we might behold the wonderful things that show us Jesus in His Word.