"…to the praise of the glory of His grace…" Ephesians 1:6


Dear Springs of Grace Church Family,

Would you join me this evening for prayer around your dinner time? As you prepare to eat dinner (before or after), let’s take some time to pray for those impacted by the Corona Virus.

Please pray for those in China who have been most impacted

Pray for those who are mourning the loss of loved ones (currently 5,393 as of this writing according to the World Health Organization (WHO)

Pray for those who are currently sick from the virusPray for the medical personnel who are treating them

Pray for the medical personnel in our church (Dr. Brandon Ganzer, Dr. Grace Yoon, Dr. Johanna McKaskill, Dr. Nathan Smith, Dr. Tim Condie, Dr. Sergii Alekseiev  , Dr. Shaun Peters, Dr. Hae-Jean Peters, Dr. Greg Lewis (in the Philippines) and nurses – Carol Benson, Lottie Blankenship, Faith Ruffenach, Nate Boone, Noemi Wells, as well as other medical personnel or people in our church who may have increased challenges and opportunities during this pandemic)

Pray for our missionaries & workers – Nic and Renee’ Gathers in the Middle East, Carrie Moss and Sveta Gusieva in Ukraine, Dorothea Schultz in Thailand, Greg and Lois Lewis and family in Philippines

Pray for our government leaders as they make very difficult decisions

Pray for Christians (and particularly us at Springs of Grace) to model “do not be afraid” and “love your neighbor”

Pray for those who have greater fears of isolation

Pray for those who have greater risks from this virus

Pray for our one worship service tomorrow – that God might use it to bless and love, encourage and help

Pray for the gospel witness from God’s people to go forth in the midst of a heightened awareness of the brevity of this life

We plan to live stream our service tomorrow at 10:45. There will be directions for accessing it by going to www.springsofgrace.church. If you choose to or need to stay home and watch the live stream, PLEASE DON’T JUST WATCH – PARTICIPATE WITH US AS MUCH AS POSSIBLE. Stand when we stand, pray when we pray, join us in the responsive reading and Scripture memory and then after the service – consider how you might contact someone to stir them up more towards love and good deeds.

If you come to worship with us, know that we have taken extra efforts to try and disinfect everything. We are asking that you plan on washing your hands when you arrive (if you have sanitizer or wipes that you prefer to use that is fine – though soap and water are best ) and taking that opportunity to pray again for those impacted by the pandemic. We would encourage you to practice recommended precautions from the previous email – but remember that we are doing all of this out of love for one another and our city and not out of fear or self-protection.

Praying with you and for you,

Pastor Joe