"…to the praise of the glory of His grace…" Ephesians 1:6


Dear Springs of Grace Church Family,
Grace and peace.
God, in His providence, has placed our city at the epicenter of the political and social world this weekend. I joined with several men in our church on Wednesday evening to pray for our city and then joined many from our church family and neighborhood at the prayer vigil on Thursday evening to pray.
I would ask you to join in me in praying for several things. 1) Pray for God to be glorified in turning potential evil into brokenness and repentance and many people turning to Him. It would be glorious if instead of rallies and protests, revival broke out with confession of sin, expressions of faith in Jesus, and demonstrations of love. Please pray to that end. 2) Pray for peace. And 3) Pray for the church (churches) in our city to lead the way in the pursuit of biblical justice and the demonstrations of love.
THIS SUNDAY WE WILL GATHER AGAIN IN TWO WAYS. Please consider joining us for our outdoor service at 9:15 am just west of our church building. We will have it mowed down well and we are working to make it a great place to gather. Feel free to dress casually. Masks are optional. Seating will allow you to social distance. We will be observing communion in a method that fits COVID protocol.
You may not feel comfortable coming to the outdoor gathering yet, and that is fine. One decision is not more spiritual than the other. It is a personal preference and issue of conscience at this point that we fully support. Different ones of us are comfortable with different levels of interaction. Until we get to where we know where each other is on these things, let’s try to stick with fist bumps or air high fives and great greetings with our voices and faces!
Bathrooms will be available, but as we try and listen to the CDC and WHO guidelines, we would ask that you only use the restrooms if it is a necessity – but if that is the case they will be clean and available.
If you need a nursing mother room, you can request it ahead of time and we will provide it. Contact Alissa- alissahill@springsofgrace.church 918-370-6237
There will be no nursery provided. We are kid friendly at Springs – and we will welcome and be thankful for the children who come – and we want to encourage a non-judgmental attitude about parenting choices and children’s actions in response to the pandemic. Above all, we want to excel in genuine and sincere love!
There will be chairs and some shade but feel free to bring your own lawn chair if you’d like. Most people have been able to be in the shade most of the time, but you might consider bringing a hat, sunglasses, sunscreen, water bottle, etc. (some water bottles will be provided).
We will have basically the same service by livestream only at 10:45. We would love to have you join us for that service if you don’t plan to attend or aren’t able to listen well at the outdoor service. We will be observing communion during this time as well.
FOLLOWING THE OUTDOOR SERVICE THIS SUNDAY from 10:45-11:05 there will be a brief time of fun, biblical instruction, singing, puppets that our CRT interns will lead with children 4 and up (or an age parents are comfortable with them following directions).
There will be a parent fellowship under the trees on the north end of the church property during the kids time.
PLEASE BE PRAYING FOR THE SERVICE. Celebrate the freedom we have in Christ as you celebrate the freeing of slaves on Juneteenth. Then come and celebrate the communion we have together as God’s family this Sunday as we worship our risen Savior!!!!
You can participate in the morning service through this link: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UF8Cu3v-S6s
Please join us at 10:40 for the welcome time and we would still love for you to send in a photo if you will be joining us through any of the options tomorrow. You can upload them here:
Or if you are more comfortable with email (malachi.blankenship@gmail.com) or text (918.510.5567), that works too. We want to see you.

Let’s excel in love as we trust our faithful Lord,
Praying with you,
Pastor Joe