"…to the praise of the glory of His grace…" Ephesians 1:6


I am very excited to start a new sermon series through the Letter of James. The Lord has used James words to challenge and encourage me greatly over the past couple of months. Seeing our identity as a servant, instead of seeking power and influence; how to walk through the trials and temptations of life; the essential truth we can’t forget; listening, speaking slowly and the avoidance of anger; the practice that is to match the profession; the importance and how of living and loving with no partiality; the proof of our faith; not sinning with our words; wisdom from above; getting to the bottom of conflicts; humility and how to face our enemy, the Slanderer; the essential exhortation to not speak evil of one another, to not slander or judge; the Lord’s will; the threat of riches; patience in suffering; prayer, praise and redemption – are some of the themes of this book!!!! Would you join me in praying that this would be the food from God for our hearts and minds in the coming weeks and months?