"…to the praise of the glory of His grace…" Ephesians 1:6

Happy Thanksgiving

Just a reminder that there will be no youth bible study or mission memorization this Wednesday and no college bible study Thursday night. We encourage all of you to actively celebrate the Thanksgiving holiday with intentional times of thanksgiving and let it be an encouragement towards the weekly day of corporate thanksgiving for Christians (each Sunday).

Albert Mohler writes: As Americans gather for the Thanksgiving holiday, several ironies arise. For an increasing number, there is no giving of thanks to God, but just a general sense of thankfulness. But thankfulness requires an object of that gratitude. In an increasingly secularized age, this gets complicated.

Christians understand the nature of the holiday observance, remembering the historic roots of the celebration among the Pilgrims. But today’s Christians need to keep in mind that the most important day of thanksgiving for us is the Lord’s Day, when corporate thanksgiving to God is central to authentic Christian worship.

Happy Thanksgiving to you and your family.