"…to the praise of the glory of His grace…" Ephesians 1:6

Prayer Emphasis – Praying for the Ministries at Springs of Grace – Monday, January 20

Please pray today for the following ministries at Springs of Grace:


    Pray for our small group leaders – Jared Tabor, Jared McCoy, Doug Fry, Joe Blankenship/David Wilkens.
    Pray for support leaders for each group
    Pray for more involvement of our church body in small groups
    Pray for direction for how to better utilize our small group times
    Pray for how we can use our small groups to be more involved week to week and daily in each other’s lives


1) We just started a new E. Club in East Tulsa last week. Please pray for our new club, it’s volunteers, & for new connections with immigrants in that part of town.
2) Please pray for our E. Club at TU. Please pray for our efforts to connect with a greater number of 30% of the population that comes from other countries. Prayer for more laborers from Springs of Grace and other similar churches to partner with us in welcoming the nations here.
3) Please pray for our E. Club in South Tulsa. Our efforts there have been fairly successful for the last several months. Please pray for our volunteers as we try to continue to engage and help our friends from around the world with friendship & the Good News.
4) Please pray for immigrant friends & international students who have left in recent months to other cities or their home countries. Please pray for the seeds that we planted with Jesus would come back to those friends where they are today (some of these friends are now in very dangerous places of the world).
5) Please pray for the 500+ population of Chinese students at TU. Please pray for the efforts of Tulsa Christian Chinese Church to plant a Chinese Christian Student Association at TU.
6) Please pray for our efforts to mobilize existing campus ministries at TU to outreach to the nations here. Please pray for the students being equipped at the BCM to run student led small group Bible Studies. Please pray that these small group Bible Studies would have students from the 10/40 that our Father is calling.
7) Please pray for the students from 10/40 at TU would have dreams about Jesus.
8) Please pray for our student leadership at TU as we plan ways to connect with more students that we haven’t connected with yet.
9) Pray for Alan’s old Middle East roommate, S. God has blessed them with a genuine and steady friendship. Pray that the Lord would draw S to Himself, and that he would meet other followers of Christ in Houston (where he is moving).
10) Pray also for the existing Bible Studies that we have with International Students – that God would continue to greatly increase their faith and/or give them faith where there is none.
11) Please be in prayer for a friend we’ve had for almost 3 years from Asia, Y. Y’s been very careful about making a decision to follow Jesus since we met him, and he may be closer to finally making that decision to follow Jesus. Please be keep Y specifically in your prayers.


    (Sunday Mornings at Schweigers)
    -Pray for Doug Fry as he leads the Bible Study each week that he would have wisdom and grace to share truths from God’s Word to strengthen love and passion for Christ as well as strengthen and build godly marriages
    -Shaun and Hae-Jean’s trip to Kurdistan and then the following trip to Ukraine. Pray for them as they are away from Hannah.
    -Nathan Smith and Greg Lewis’ trip to the Philippines . Pray also for Maryem and Lois as they stay here and care for their children.
    -Pray that we would continue to desire more of God and His wisdom in our study through Proverbs.