"…to the praise of the glory of His grace…" Ephesians 1:6

Prayer Emphasis – Praying for the Ministries at Springs of Grace – Tuesday, January 21

Please pray today for the following ministries at Springs of Grace:

Pray for our classes that meet on Sunday mornings at 9:45

Pray for our 4th, 5th and 6th graders teachers – Krista Burton and Lottie Blankenship. Krista and Lottie ask that we pray for the Lord to help their students to learn of God’s eye seeing and His hand working in the world to accomplish all His good and wise purposes:  1) God would turn their hearts from cold stone to beating flesh 2) That they would grow to treasure Jesus over all else 3) That God would put within them a desire to fear His name and a desire to read His Word.  We are desperate for God to act in our classroom.  Lottie and I are unable to consistently keep them on track to complete the lesson, week in and week out.  Practically, we are battling the ability of each student to remain in his or her seat, while using an inside voice and avioding physically distracting others, so they could actually listen to the lesson.  Our students are Demetrius, Gregory, JaCoby, Cornelius, Bri Bri, Tonya, Christianne, Angel and Cornisha.  New this week was Zack.  We desperately need for God’s people to pray for His gospel to transform little hearts and produce lives that seek to honor Him.  

Pray for our K-2 class and their teachers (Nathan and Maryem Smith & Andrea Martinez & Hosanna Fry). They ask that we pray for the 
1) Salvation of kids in our class; 2) Spirit’s guidance, direction, power to speak to the teachers and through us for his glory; 3) That God would grant us favor with kids and 4) work in parents heart so they might come to church; 5) Spiritual Growth for Christian kids; 6) Wisdom and guidance on how to support single moms; 7) families to raise kids in God honoring way

Pray for our Preschool class and their teacher Hannah Brown.

Pray for our 2nd-4th grade class and their teachers Tyler Brown and Todd Wells.

Pray for our nursery class – Prayer requests include: 1) finding a good way to consistently get a lesson done with the kids.  We really desire to get some truth into the kids (even if tiny) each week; 2) We always need workers; 3) Pray that we could do some reorganization to make it a little more user-friendly.


Girls’ Club is comprised of girls from church, youth group, One Hope Basketball and the neighborhood around the church.  The goal of girls club is to intentionally and consistently be in girls lives so that we can share Christ’s love with them and help them think Biblically about the issues they inevitably face as young girls living in a sinful world. 
 – Pray that God would continue to bring the girls that are consistently coming
 – Pray that those girls would bring their friends and that we would be able reach more girls
 – Pray that God would continue to soften their hearts towards the Gospel.  We’ve seen some exciting evidence of that lately.
 – Pray that God would give the leadership wisdom in talking to the girls about the issues they are facing.   
 – Pray with us as we want to start more Girls’ Clubs around the city
This is a group that meets on the 2nd and 3rd Sunday nights each month following the evening service. It is for any men who want to grow in their ability to preach and teach God’s Word.
Please pray for these guys that as Ezra 7:10 says, we would set ourselves to the learning of God’s Word, to the doing of it, and then the teaching of it.
We made a commitment a long time ago at Springs of Grace to invest in people and not buildings. We are thankful for what God gives us but see it as for the purpose of helping us better love and minister to people. We have an older building that gets lots and lots of use. That is a great thing! The Proverbs says, “where there are no oxen the crib is clean, but with the strength of the ox there is much increase.” Our building would have few problems if we didn’t have anyone using it but then that would miss the point!
1) Please pray for the building and appliances to work better and longer than they would otherwise; 2) Pray for the time and energy and resources to make repairs as needed (see list of needed repairs below); 3) Pray for a mechanic to join our church that would use his gifts to help keep our vans and bus running; 4) Pray for the renovation of our restrooms to make them more handicap accessible; 5) Pray for an additional van or two by this summer (Red Van and White van are both experiencing quite a few mechanical problems); 6) Pray that we will always love people more than the facilities God supplies.
Current repairs needed list: Sink in boys bathroom leaking; sanctuary dusting of lights, AC vents and broken backs of chairs; front hose faucet by air conditioners needs replaced; hole in walls; toilet paper holder in men’s bathroom needs installed (already purchased); leaky roof over men’s bathroom; Kitchen sink problem; kitchen range may need replaced or repaired; girls water heater is being replaced today (Praise the LORD!); broken light fixtures need replaced in office and hall; broken shower curtains in boys showers; small leaks in the sanctuary roof; carpet in office has some problems from the leak in men’s bathroom roof; broken window in office needs replaced; tables need sorted through, fixed and/or replaced; trim overhanging tree over bus; heaters on west side don’t work consistently
Please be in prayer for our ministry to coaches and athletes. Pray for our IMPACT seminars where we raise awareness of human trafficking and address the demand side that is created through the use of pornography, strip clubs, and prostitution. Pray for new seminars in high schools this spring. Pray for our support and counseling of coaches as Pastor Joe meets with coaches regularly. Pray for Coach McCoy, Coach JZ, Coach Jared, Coach Tyler, Coach Joe and others in our church body that are coaching young people. Pray particularly for the ministry that takes place on our One Hope HS boys basketball team and our One Hope junior high girls basketball teams.