"…to the praise of the glory of His grace…" Ephesians 1:6

Prayer Emphasis – Praying for the Ministries at Springs of Grace – Wednesday, January 22

Please pray today for the following ministries at Springs of Grace:


    Drama Club led by Andrea Martinez and Miriam Boone as they use drama as a means of building relationships with kids for the gospel.

    Prayer that the kids would see Christ’s love for them in the relations we build and the art we create

    That they would grow closer to one another and to Miriam and me

    That they would grow in their confidence, creativity, and “family” work

    The Lord would allow the short amounts of time we have to get us properly ready for unknown date (and that we’d pick one soon)

    That the Lord would help provide all of the things we still need…and help us be inventive and creative with what we already have


Pray for our Preschool- Kindergarten class and their teachers Hannah Brown & Hannah Fry. Pray that the kids would be excited to listen to God’s word and that they would see their desperate need for a Savior

Pray that the teachers would be able to communicate the stories of the OT in a way that shows how great God is and in a way the kids could understand and remember

Pray for our 8-10 year old class and their teachers Tyler Brown and Todd Wells. Pray for:
1. Grace to know God’s word

2. To have hearts that love the Word and the kids

3.Widom love and grace to deal with behavior issues and that behavior issues will not interupt others opportunity to learn about God

4. That hearts will be open and receptive to God in His word

5. That we will better portray the love of God and a love for God

6. Gods continued leading of kids to come and want to be in class consistently

7. That God would take our love, service, boldness, wisdom, and everything else to a higher level this year. So that we would not just go through another year doing the same things, but that we all would “excel still more” this 2014.

8. That we would “sow much to the spirit” not to the flesh this year so that we might reap “eternal life.”