"…to the praise of the glory of His grace…" Ephesians 1:6

February 2014 Missions Update – Sveta Gusieva

Greetings to all my English speaking friends and family!

This month had been difficult to endure due to the situation in Ukraine, a limitation on finances for the ministry and challenges in relationships.

First, I need to say that it was and still is a very uneasy time for our country. I am sure you all watch some news on TV about the situation in Ukraine. It is very disturbing and terrifying to many people, especially how media presents the situation in Ukraine to other countries. It is frightening to think that a war can start here, but I and many other believers pray for peace in our country. After spending almost 3 years in the US, it is difficult to realize that life can so be different, but there is so much corruption in my country that to change it means changing the mentality of the whole nation. I know it is possible for God to change our government and authorities and make them the right servants of Him and the law, so we all hope and pray for this change to occur.

We had funerals in many cities for those who died at Maidan in Kyiv and many people were wounded. Our therapists visited two wounded men at our regional hospital to see if we can help them and to encourage them. We praise God they do not need our help, just some education and a lot of encouragement. One of the guys had a bullet miss his spinal cord by only two milimiters. We told him it was a miracle and invited both of them to church. Please continue to pray for peace in our country and wisdom for the new leaders.

This month has also been difficult in relationships with people. For the 7 years that our center has been open, our team of therapists and volunteers from church have developed close friendships with many of our patients. Our center will never be like other rehabilitation centers in regard to formality and professionalism because we have become a family with all of our patients and we have a very casual and free style of rehabilitation. People we are close to deceived us and stole from us, which hurt us deeply. This occasion showed everybody on our team that we are all imperfect people who can not stand alone against temptations and need God desperately. We are grateful to God for teaching us many lessons, including accepting and forgiving imperfect people redeemed by His blood. This month God also was teaching us a lot to trust in Him and in His provision for His servants. It was a difficult month to find support for the workers of the center but we trusted Him and He did not leave us alone.

At the end of February our therapy team had the privilege to work with and learn from two of my friends from the US – Shaun and Hae-jean Peters – who are both doctors. For two days they saw our regular rehabilitation patients to address their questions and concerns. After her visit, one woman said, “No other doctor has ever assessed me so thoroughly.” Shaun and Hae-jean assisted our patients in many ways, diagnosing new conditions and directing them on specific treatment. They have sought help in our clinics but did not find it for different reasons. Shaun and Hae-jean exemplified an attitude that our people knew they could trust them. They also led a seminar for our therapists that was an answer to our prayer to receive training in the areas where we know we lack knowledge. We all are very grateful to God for providing us with this opportunity.

Sveta update 2014-02

Thank you all for your concerns, support and prayers. It was encouraging to me and I appreciate it very much.

 Prayer requests:

  • Peace in Ukraine
  • Wisdom for our government not to go into war with Russia for Crimea
  • Training at Dnipropetrovsk for physical therapists in Ukraine (please pray for our safety – it is eastern part of the country where many people are pro-Russian and pray that we can learn useful information that me and Alla can apply for our patients)

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