"…to the praise of the glory of His grace…" Ephesians 1:6



We will be praying for every one in our Springs of Grace Church Family

– Pray that God will grant us growth – in His Word, in the practice and power of prayer, in the pleasure and treasure of worship, and to GROW IN LOVE.

– Pray that God will give us a desire, a burden, a plan, a dream, a strategy to pursue new opportunities to love our church body and minister to our city

– Pray that we will preach God’s Word and listen to God’s Word and prove out through our faith and obedience His Word more than ever

– Pray for the marriages of Springs of Grace to parable forth the picture of Christ’s love for His Bride the Church day by day and for the grace to love more

– Pray for the children and young people of Springs of Grace to honor the Lord with lives that seek to love their parents and count following Jesus as life’s greatest treasure

– Pray for the parents of Springs of Grace to raise our children with much grace and faithfulness and wisdom and love

– Pray for the singles at Springs of Grace to walk in love and faithfulness and for the Lord to meet the daily needs of their hearts

– Pray for those who don’t come and gather regularly with us that God might show them how badly they are needed in the body and that God would meet what needs they have so that they can more faithfully join us for worship