"…to the praise of the glory of His grace…" Ephesians 1:6

D.A. Horton & A Very Valuable Read for WHITE Christians regarding #BLACKLIVESMATTER

We had the opportunity to spend a week with D.A. Horton, his wife Elicia and their children, last summer as he ministered the Word at one of our camps. It was a rich week and was really blessed by the authenticity of their faith, love for the Lord, and love for His people (particularly those in the urban community).

If you are white and have a love for the Lord Jesus – then you need to read these four short articles on the subject of #blacklivesmatter. If you aren’t white then you will still benefit from them. You may not agree with everything D.A. writes but you ought to give him a very clear hearing. You will learn if you aren’t deaf and blind to the hurts and cries of others.

The links to the four articles are below and the fifth link is to a podcast where a 50 something white guy interviews D.A. about the issues.