"…to the praise of the glory of His grace…" Ephesians 1:6

Carrie Moss Update: Prayers of Gratitude and Prayers of Petition

Our ministry held our monthly prayer meeting on Monday evening at the Agape House, huddling together around the fireplace on a remarkably cold, late April night.  It was a blessed time as we rejoiced over all that God has done since in recent weeks and then heard the specific, current prayer requests.  I hope you too will be blessed to hear how God is at work and will join us in praying in the coming weeks and months for the requests listed below.

As I mentioned in my previous blog, the Agape House is scheduled to open on June 25th.  One major project that our leaders have been working on for many months is getting a paved road built to the Agape House from the main road.  Currently there is a dirt/rock road which is in very poor condition and very difficult to ride over for people with disabilities.  Our leaders have been talking with government officials and other people who are building homes near the Agape House.  It has been a very long and tedious process to get approval from the right people and enough money to complete the project.  God has clearly opened doors, though, and the government officials are now wholeheartedly backing the project with the maximum amount of funds they can offer.  They are scheduled to begin paving the road on May 10th and it should easily be completed before the opening of the Agape House. For this we are rejoicing!

As of today, the area around the Agape House is being prepared for brick to be laid
One specific prayer request over the past month has been for the possibility to purchase additional 4 plots of land next to the Agape House for $15,000.  Our leaders have a vision that extends beyond the Agape House and they determined that additional land is needed.  They are confident that after the road is built the price of land will increase, so we have been praying specifically that this land could be purchased in April.  A couple of weeks ago, our ministry had the opportunity to share at another church here in Lutsk.  Afterward, a business man in that church donated $5000 from himself and another $10,000 from an anonymous donor – exactly the amount that was needed! Three of the plots of land were purchased last week and our leaders are trying to finalize the purchase of the 4th plot this week.  For this we are rejoicing!

In addition to these 4 plots of land, our leaders have a desire to purchase additional land on the other side of the Agape House, as well as a newly constructed house across the street – $120,000 is needed to purchase it all.  Again, they believe the price for these properties will increase to a level that is too high for us after the road is constructed, so we are praying for the money to be provided, the owners of the different plots of land to be located and be agreeable to selling, and for the purchases to occur before May 10th.  It is a very large sum of money and a very short amount of time. But for this we are praying!

The land on either side of the road going toward the forest is what we are praying for

We are also praying for this land and home

Fimiam Church and our ministry will host the second camp for wounded veterans of the war in eastern Ukraine and their families on May 18-22.  It will be a tremendous opportunity to build relationships with and share the gospel with lost, hurting men, women and children affected by the war.  For this we are praying!

Camps for adults and children with disabilities will be held in July at a new location.  There are many unanswered questions about how to conduct camps for people with disabilities in this new facility.  But we always look forward to this time of serving and sharing the gospel with people with disabilities and their families.  We have so many new people who have come for rehab over this past year whom we plan to begin inviting to camps soon.  We have a such strong desire that they would come with their families and hear the truth of the gospel.  For this we are praying!

The move of our rehab center to the Agape House and the opening of the PT Training Center in August require that we work out many details and make many purchases of furniture and equipment in the coming months.  Our rehab team spent the afternoon at the Agape House to further plan how best to use our space and determine what we needed to obtain before August.  We are in need of wisdom, finances, time, and direction.  For this we are praying!

As you can see, God has been so good!  Would you join us in thanking Him and rejoicing over all He has done?

You can also see that we have several needs, some of which have short timelines – will you join us in taking these requests to the throne of God?

Thank you for standing with us in prayer!

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