"…to the praise of the glory of His grace…" Ephesians 1:6

Carrie Moss Update: The PT Training Center is launched!

Finally, after two years of anticipation, preparation, and translation, the PT Training Center at the Agape Rehabilitation Complex is launched! We held our first two-week session in August with eight students: five local and three from other cities in Ukraine.  Krista and I taught the lectures, Sveta did virtually all of the translation, Tanja helped with translation during small group sessions and Henry (the skeleton) never said a word, but was an excellent teacher nonetheless!

It was an exhausting and wonderful two weeks.  We enjoyed watching the students learn, grow, and gain confidence.  Our mornings were primarily spent on lectures in the classroom and then we moved to the rehab gym in the afternoon to develop and practice skills.  We gave exams on the first and last days and everyone was pleased to have passed the final exam.  In addition, we had lab activities, games and oral quizzes throughout the session to help students grasp and retain the information. God was gracious to us and answered many prayers and we are grateful to all who prayed for us and for the students. 

First day

Ready to teach!

Learning origins and insertions of muscles together

Tanja and I preparing material

Learning to take blood pressure
Transfer training lab

 Students practiced their skills on one another…

They practiced on the teachers…

They practiced on whoever was willing and free around Agape:
Roma, our driver
Raphael, our leaders’ youngest son
Emelia, our cook
And then they practiced on our friends with disabilities…


Games were a hit and added some laughter to the learning process…


And small group problem-solving sessions helped bring all of the information together for the students…

We are grateful for the mercies of God that were so evident during these two weeks. Our next session with this class is scheduled for December and the first session of the second class is scheduled for January. So we’ve only just begun!


from Advancing With A Limp http://ift.tt/2cJj2uy