"…to the praise of the glory of His grace…" Ephesians 1:6

Sunday Information and Prayer for 8/30 Worship Service

Dear Springs of Grace Church Family,
Grace and peace. I hope and pray that God has helped you to see more of the glory of Jesus throughout this week. Praying that we will together, be the church that Jesus has called us to be – that He will through us put on display His excellencies to our neighborhood, city and the nations. Tomorrow, I am excited to worship with you and hear from God’s Word, through our brother Nate Boone.

Praise the Lord for His mercies in bringing two new baby girls into our church family to the Tabors and Beards. Pray for those who are hurting throughout our world. God calls us to “Rejoice with those who rejoice and weep with those who weep.” Let’s do both well.

We continue to seek to love our neighbors well – and the COVID pandemic has given us an opportunity to lay down our rights, privileges and preferences for the good of others. Our state and city continue to see high numbers of COVID related deaths and hospitalizations. As believers, we don’t ever need to be motivated by fear. We are compelled by love and hope. Continue to pray for those who are impacted by this sickness and deaths. And pray for those who are serving in the hospitals as doctors, nurses, and other medical care givers. Pray for our parents and the schools as they make decisions as to the best ways to educate students. Pray for our government officials as well.

We are not alone. The Lord is with us and much of the way He serves and cares for us is through one another. Be faithful to each other. Pray for one another. Check on one another. Rejoice with one another. Weep with one another. Help bear one another’s burdens. Encourage and help one another to hope greatly in God’s promises and cheer one another on in our efforts towards love and good deeds.
Please consider taking some time this Saturday or Sunday to pray and/or fast for these items above.

I hope you can join us for our outdoor service this Sunday morning at 9:15. Right now, the weather forecast includes the chance for rain in the morning. Pray that we will have good weather again. WE WILL NOTIFY THROUGH EMAIL AND OUR WEBSITE BY 7:30 am if we are making a change. If weather requires – we will be livestream only. It is also possible that we might change the start time if that created a better opportunity for us to gather together physically. So, pray and check back in the morning.

The past two weeks we have filmed our outdoor service and plan to do so again tomorrow. For those who can’t attend the outdoor service, the online service will start at 11:15. We believe God wants us to gather and these are ways that we are striving to be a faithful church fulfilling that command. You can find the link to tomorrow’s livestream service at our website (www.springsofgrace.church) and find other important information about the church.

If you have questions or needs, please let us know. Striving to be His church, by His grace, for His glory.
Love you very much,
Pastor Joe