"…to the praise of the glory of His grace…" Ephesians 1:6

Sunday Information and Prayer

Dear Springs of Grace Church Family,
Grace and peace. Hope you enjoyed a great Christmas day celebrating the surprising and miraculous love of God in giving us Himself as Immanuel. I was so blessed by our carols and communion time on Christmas Eve and thankful for the Lord’s mercies this week.
This Sunday, we are planning to gather for worship out on the church lawn at 7123 E. 7th Street. It will be a little chilly at the start, but the forecast is for sunshine and warming temperatures. I hope you can join us. I know that many of you will feel it wiser to gather with us online. We will be livestreaming our service at 10:30 as well. I am very excited to hear God’s Word taught. We are blessed to have Marcus Bell-Winston preaching tomorrow. Please be praying for him as he prepares.
The Christmas and New Year’s season is a difficult time for many. I was really helped personally by the “Longest Night Service” and that time to grieve together. Please continue to pray for one another and reach out to those who may be hurting. Families check on one another and help bear one another’s burdens as we strive to excel in love. As Paul said to the Thessalonians, let’s excel still more.
Please continue to pray for those being impacted by COVID. The vaccine allows us to see more of the light at the end of the tunnel, but most people are forecasting the hardest times ahead for the next couple of months. Let’s not grow weary in doing good and look for every way we can to love our neighbors. As Christians, we have a sure and certain love that let’s us choose what is best for others and not just ourselves.
Please join us for worship at 10:30 am tomorrow at the ROSE BOWL or by livestream. You can find the link to this week’s livestream service at our website – www.springsofgrace.church or here: https://youtu.be/sIDPPkoXggI
Continue to pray for our missionaries and for our medical workers. I want to personally thank you for the encouraging words of many this past week. I am thankful for the opportunity to walk with you as your pastor. Please pray for our elders that we will be faithful and kind shepherds.
If you have questions or needs, please let us know. Striving to be His church, by His grace, for His glory.
Love you very much,
Pastor Joe