"…to the praise of the glory of His grace…" Ephesians 1:6

Wednesday, January 12 Prayer Info


Please join us for a zoom prayer time on Wednesday, January 12th at 6:30 am. The link is here:


Meeting ID: 878 4132 2834

Also, join the Vercruyssen’s Community Group at 6:30 pm for prayer.

We will be focusing on prayer for the hurting in our city and around the world today, as well as for our Internship and Fellowship Programs.

1. Pray for those who are suffering the consequences of Adverse Community Environments

2. Pray for those who are struggling as a result of systemic injustices they are experiencing and the generational consequences of racism and other forms of oppression

3. Pray for those who are suffering from war

4. Pray for those who are suffering from famine and natural disasters

5. Pray for those who are hurting from loneliness

6. Pray for those who are hurting or struggling with clinical depression

7. Pray for those who are hurting and struggling because of sins committed against them.

8. Pray for those who are suffering from COVID and all those who have lost loved ones through COVID. Pray for the medical community, city and school leadership for sustaining grace and wisdom

9. Pray for those who have been diagnosed with cancer

10. Pray for those who are hurting because they or their loved ones have ongoing medical struggles

11. Pray for those who are hurting because of disrupted or harmful relationships

12. Pray for others you know who are hurting.

Please pray for our summer Intern Ministry – summer interns have been an important part over the years of the role modeling to our youth and the outreach to the city.

1. Pray for God to be preparing hearts and opening ways for many college students to come and serve this summer.

2. Pray for wisdom for the staff in determining which studies and ministries will best benefit these college students and our community.

3. Pray for God to provide funds for many interns to be able to come.

4. Pray for the recruitment efforts for summer interns.

5. Pray for other things on your heart in regard to the internship.

Pray for our One Hope Fellowship Program.

1. Pray for Anna, Emma, and Leslie who are currently in the program. Pray for their health, for their time management, for their joy in the ministry, for their strength, for their growth.

2. Pray for the bible study through the Bible with Pastor Joe.

3. Pray for the different bible studies and teaching efforts with Miriam.

4. Pray for their ministry efforts, their fresh ideas, and their zeal for the things on the heart of God.

5. Pray for the One Hope Staff to have wisdom in crafting and running the fellowship so that it will be the right preparation for what God has for them in the future.

6. Pray for the recruitment of new fellows for 2022-23 year. Pray that God would stir the hearts of the right fellows to come and join One Hope and SOG. Pray for the funding for the fellowship program.

7. Pray for other things on your heart in regard to the fellowship.