"…to the praise of the glory of His grace…" Ephesians 1:6

Prayer Emphasis – Praying for the Ministries at Springs of Grace – Friday, January 24

Please pray for the following ministries at Springs of Grace today:


    – Pray for kids who we have ministered to in the past to move into the neighborhoods around Springs of Grace so they could be a part of our getAHEAD after school program; praise the Lord one of the families we have been praying for just moved back near the church building this past week!

    – Pray for us to have wisdom about how to make getAHEAD a safe and stable environment

    – Pray for God to send us more volunteers

    – Pray for another van so we could transport more kids to getAHEAD

    – Pray for opportunities to deepen friendships and share the Gospel with the parents of getAHEAD kids

    – Pray for kids to ask Gospel questions and to have more respect for the Word of God

    – Pray for a getAHEAD revival, for God to pour to His spirit and make new creations


      – Pray for God to bring the interns He wants here; pray that He would help potential interns to be able to afford to come financially and to have the support of their families and home churches as they do so

      – Pray for wisdom as we plan for the summer, that we would know how to maximize the time we have with interns for kingdom impact both in their lives and in our city

      – Pray for former interns who will not be able to return this summer that God would use the fruit of the internship in their lives to bless the people around them


    – Pray that God would help students to grow in maturity as we study the Word of God together, pray for the girls as they study the Psalms on Thursday nights, for the guys as they study Philippians on Thursday nights, and for us all as we gather together to study the Sermon on the Mount on Sunday mornings

    – Pray that God would open up more opportunities to minister to students at TU, RSU, ORU, and Tulsa Tech

    – Pray that God would help the students who are involved in the college ministry to grow in fellowship with each other and in love for each other and that deep spiritual friendships and discipling relationships would develop between our students and the rest of the body

    – Pray that God would help the students to be people who pray earnestly


Pray for the new study in Nehemiah. Pray that the ladies would grasp the abiding love and mercy from our God, that even thru disobedience of His people, there was a remnant who would remain faithful. Pray we all see the blessings of obedience and the consequences of disobedience. That we would have humbled hearts to pray like Daniel and Ezra and Nehemiah, be broken of our sins and have complete trust in a sovereign God to fulfill all His plans for us, even when that road can seem so difficult. He is SO faithful!


    – Pray that we would do a better job of praying for one another
    – Pray that we would do a better job communicating with the people who are new, especially those coming from the day center


We are thankful for the core group of kids who come week after week to Sunday morning bible study and Wednesday night youth. It is a blessing and praise to God.
– Pray that people would look to help out on Wednesday nights because we are having more kids come
– Pray that the staff would have wisdom in interacting with the kids, especially during small groups
– Pray that discipline toward kids who are disruptive, and asked to not come back for a couple of weeks, would come back ready to hear and respond to the word of God
– Pray that the youth who come would see how Jesus is better than anything else and either grow in their faith and not become stagnant, or would be converted from one who is foolish in their unbelief to one who is a lover of God and follower of Jesus Christ.