"…to the praise of the glory of His grace…" Ephesians 1:6

Sunday Information and Prayer for 11-8 Gathering

Dear Springs of Grace Church Family,

Grace peace. The Lord God Almighty Reigns! I hope you will plan on joining us this Sunday at 10:30 on our church lawn for our Sunday morning worship service. If you can’t make it to the outdoor service, please join us on our livestream. The weather forecast looks wonderful!
We do have approval for attempting an indoor service option at the Rose Bowl when weather conditions and the pandemic conditions make that the best option for gathering. We feel like being outside this Sunday is still the best option for us.

I trust you have thought much about the passage from Hebrews 13 last Sunday. I’ve been thinking and striving to live out what it looks like to submit or treat others as more important than myself – when I might disagree them on something or when it costs me something. The hope for me doing so, is in the worth of what I see in Jesus and what He has promised. Please pray for me that I will be a faithful pastor.

We continue to pray for our nation and the church, both in America and across the world. God has told us that His ways are not our ways and His thoughts are not our thoughts. He has told us that He is God and there is no other. That at least means that we should expect God to have clarity and purpose in ways that our finite minds will not. We can walk by faith and trust His goodness – that is especially true when we don’t understand. The Apostle Paul said that we are seeing through a glass dimly now, but there is coming a time when we will see Him face to face.

The Lord is good; and He is in control and all that He does is wise and right and holy and just and loving and good. Let’s keep trusting Him and helping each other to do so.

This Sunday, Lord willing, we will be installing some of our elder candidates as a part of our worship service. I am excited about it. At least a couple of our elder candidates will wait a week or two until their quarantine is over or family can be present or new babies cooperate! 🙂 This is an exciting time for us as a church. Please continue to pray for these men and their families and for us as a church that we would help them lead us with joy and not with grief.

Please continue to pray for those sick with the COVID virus and those in the medical community who are seeking to care for them. The hospitals in Tulsa are at a serious point in regard to enough staff and space. Pray for those making decisions. Pray for those who are being impacted by the pandemic in other ways than the sickness and that there will be people to help care for them. Please pray that the Lord might send a reprieve – that He might end the spread of the virus or give wisdom and grace for those dealing most directly with it and that He might let His people lead out in showing love to others in these days.

Praise the Lord for the new little girl the Lord has given Jesse and Emily Schultz – Gracie Jane Schultz! Be praying for them. Also, be in prayer for the others who are expecting the birth of their children soon. Pray for those who are fostering. You will receive a handout tomorrow of particular ways we can pray for those who are fostering or adopting.

Also, be in prayer for Vi Cobb. She had some medical issues this week. She is doing better and should be home from the hospital today. I know they would appreciate your prayers. Please continue to pray for those who can’t participate with us in the services.

Please join us for worship at 10:30 am tomorrow outdoors or by livestream. You can find the link to this week’s livestream service at our website – www.springsofgrace.church or here: https://youtu.be/P6xVtenYaxA

Special thanks to Michelle Sabatini and all who helped her with the Fall Festival Fellowship last Sunday. It was a wonderful time!

Keep checking on one another. Please pray for our service tomorrow. I am excited about what God has for us.

If you have questions or needs, please let us know. Striving to be His church, by His grace, for His glory.

Love you very much,

Pastor Joe